Atmano Mokshartham Jagaddhitaya Cha
(Salvation of the self and well-being of the universe)

About IVS

The International Vedanta Society(IVS) is purely a spiritual organization and was formed on the 19th of November 1989 by the will of the Divine which manifested through Bhagavan. Based on the essence of the Upanishads, The Society aims in spreading the message of Vedanta – the spiritual science to each and every door.

Commencing its journey from Guwahati the north-eastern part of India, the Society has within a short span spread to different corners of the country and also touched many hearts abroad. Preaching the life giving message of Vedanta, IVS has transformed innumerable lives who are now rejuvenated with the light of hope, self-confidence and love. Realisation of the Self is the key note of IVS. Its members and well-wishers strive continuously to emit the fragrance of eternal Love and Bliss.

The Living God

An Appeal

Dear good hearted citizens of the world,
The International Vedanta Society (IVS) is in urgent need of a suitable place at Guwahati, Assam, India. Please help us work better by donating land or house for a permanent City Centre at Guwahati, wherefrom monks of IVS will work to spread the upanishadic message of love, peace and oneness to the innumerable needy hearts. Respected doners please contact: Swami Prahladananda, General Secretary, Guwahati Branch at 9864016730 for further information.

"Lovelessness is the biggest threat to mankind-even greater than cancer or aids"- Sri Bhagavan

Vedanta Discourse in Europe

On 24th September 2012 a team of four members of International Vedanta Society has set fourth for Europe to spread the message of Vedanta. This team includes Swami Probuddhananda, Vice President of IVS, Debjani Chakraborty, Vice President of IVS Women’s Wing, Anirban Chakraborty and Kojima Halliday. Swami Sankarananda, Vice President of IVS, has also flied to Barcelona on 27th September to join the team. They will deliver speeches on Vedanta in the Happy Yoga University, Barcelona, and University of Polytechnic. There will be a three days long seminar on Vedanta with the professors of philosophy of University of Barcelona. The team will visit some schools there to present the essence of Vedanta in a very easy way. Swami Probuddhananda will meet the local press conference in Happy Yoga University. Some speeches will be on Vedanta and stress management in Tilburg. Swami Sankarananda and Debjani Chakraborti will speak in a famous temple of Amsterdam. Swami Probuddhananda will visit Canary Islands of Spain and deliver speech on ‘Vedanta, Self-realization and Meditation’ and then he will discuss Vedantic topics in La Laguna University. He will return India on 29th October after attending the spiritual meet on ‘Meditation and Vedanta’ at Sadashiva Yoga Center. Swami Sankarananda will visit a few more organizations of Netherland and he will also visit Germany and France. On 12 October he will deliver a speech at Thasay Church and return India on 22nd November.