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About Us

International Vedanta Society is the culmination of a dream long cherished by its founder- that the knowledge of the true nature of his self shall help man discover eternal peace by setting him free from the binds of his limited ego. The Society was formed on the 19th of November, 1989, with the sole objective of making people aware of the essence of Advaita Vedanta, and its role in reinstating world peace.


The Sadhana to be practiced by each spiritual aspirant to achieve the Supreme realization and divine life, as given by Bhagavan.

Our Ideology

” Man is God”. The international Vedanta Society solicits one and all irrespective of any caste, creed, sex or religion. IVS doesn’t stress on worshipping any particular God or Goddess. It believes that the all powerful resides within everyone and this omnipresent is known as Iswara or God. The International Vedanta Society doesn’t speak of any rights for men or women because the society believes that everyone is born with their own rights. The task is only to make them aware about it. And the medium of serving this ideology is love.

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Our Publications

The International Vedanta Society(IVS) is purely a spiritual organization and was formed on the 19th of November 1989 by the will of the Divine which manifested through Bhagavan. To know him well, read all the books published by us. The inner spiritual awakening is the thing what we seek most. This books can pave the way for you on the verge of that.

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The Administration


The President

The President of International Vedanta Society is the head of the organization. Swami Keshavananda Puri popularly known as ‘Maharajji’ is the present President of the Society. He was the first who embraced sannyasa in the organization and holds the true spiritual tradition of Bhagavan.

Board of Trustees

International Vedanta Society is governed by the Trustee Board and is headed by the President of the organization. All the organizational decisions, policy and assets are maintained by this Trustee Board. The senior monks and some dedicated household devotees are the members of this Board. The President, Vice-Presidents (of General and Female Wing), General Secretary/s, Convener and Treasurer will be the Ex-officio of the Managing Committee also.

General Wing

International Vedanta Society has two wings. The General Wing comprises of the male members of the Society, which is headed by the President of the organization. The Managing Committee works under the Trustee Board of the Society. Managing Committee implements the policies given by the Trustee Board through Branch committee.

Female Wing

Female Wing which works under President of the Society formulates its own work and activities which are controlled by the Managing Committee Female Wing and the Branch Committee Female Wing works under them. There are Sannyasinis of the Society, they hold most of the responsibility to spread the work of the organization.

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The founder and the Core of International Vedanta Society” with His simple lifestyle who inspired thousands of people world wide.

Bhagavan, the core and founder of the International Vedanta Society,

was born on the 3 rd of January, 1942, to a family of land lords, in the village of Rahamatpur, in Barishal District of Bangladesh.

Spurred on by His overflowing love for mankind, which was a result of His realization of oneness with existence, Bhagavan founded the International Vedanta Society on the 19th of November, 1989, with the primary objective of spreading the message of Vedanta amongst the masses.

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The holy lives which have enabled thousands of people to gain or regain faith in God and in the eternal verities of religion.

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